Thursday, December 1, 2016


my PBL artifact

We made artifacts about the Olympics. We could choose any topic that connects to the Olympics we were interested in. My topic I chose was mascots and here is my report about my mascot. We had to find key words and write notes and we could put those word in our report in our own words. We learnt about mascot and how they started. Something that challenged me was putting the information in order like how mascot started and when was the first mascot was created. 

My mascot is a blue sheep the union jack on his back he has a very cheerful personality and is an inspiration for every one who wan'ts to compete in the Olympics. Cliff is soft so if anyone has a bad fall of hurts them self they have a nice pillow to rest on and cuddle. If NZ is holding the Olympics I will enter Cliff in the mascot world survey and hopefully he will get in the Olympics. 
My notes I organised
The thing that challenged me the most was cliff's cotton balls I had to do a big process to make them first I put them in blue dye then every day we had to change the paper because it keep on soaking up the dye after I sowed and put the stuffing in  I hot glued them on to create 


  1. Great mascot...I love the name too!

  2. Wow Joseph, you amaze me sometimes! Fantastic writing, awesome ideas and a wonderful mascot... Cliff is so cool, well done
    Mum xxx