Thursday, December 1, 2016


my PBL artifact

We made artifacts about the Olympics. We could choose any topic that connects to the Olympics we were interested in. My topic I chose was mascots and here is my report about my mascot. We had to find key words and write notes and we could put those word in our report in our own words. We learnt about mascot and how they started. Something that challenged me was putting the information in order like how mascot started and when was the first mascot was created. 

My mascot is a blue sheep the union jack on his back he has a very cheerful personality and is an inspiration for every one who wan'ts to compete in the Olympics. Cliff is soft so if anyone has a bad fall of hurts them self they have a nice pillow to rest on and cuddle. If NZ is holding the Olympics I will enter Cliff in the mascot world survey and hopefully he will get in the Olympics. 
My notes I organised
The thing that challenged me the most was cliff's cotton balls I had to do a big process to make them first I put them in blue dye then every day we had to change the paper because it keep on soaking up the dye after I sowed and put the stuffing in  I hot glued them on to create 

Thursday, August 18, 2016


I have been working on my presentation about Ryan Taylor for a long time now, I think it is ready (present it first because its got animating). My presentation took a lot of time and effort to make and create. The hardest part is to find information and putting it in my own words. The reason I added animation is because I wanted it to be more interesting for the reader and so it hooks them in.

I  was learning to find key words and put them in my own words so I'm not just copying the book/information. So to make it easier for me I used my skills learn from room 16/17.
 my presentation is here

Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Tortara have been learning about Matariki and all the ways to celebrate Matariki.  
Matariki is the Maori new year even though it's in June. The Maori legend for Matariki is that the sky farther and the earth mother were tore apart by their child and the child tears are formed as Matariki. If you want see Matariki you will only find them at dawn. My class have been doing Matariki activities, my faouvrite activity was weaving. Weaving was my favourite because it trained my muscles and taught me more things to weave with flax. I connected some of learning from last year to help with my weaving.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Over arm throw

My P.E is over arm throw .Something that challenges me is the distance I throw the ball to. I am working on how far I throw the ball. when I try to throw the ball far my acrassy goes away. I thought knew a lot about over arm already but I didn't know these things. Side and point,smiley face,step and turn and throw

What you do
What you say

Point and look forward

Side and point
Bring your arm down like a smiley face
Smiley face

Turn your legs, just your legs
Step and turn
Well, throw
And throw

Monday, June 13, 2016


I am proud of my art because of my *perspective and castle I think that I will be a great artist when i'm older.
*perspective means getting close and getting further away.
When it's close it's dark and big but when it's far away it's light and small.
My favourite thing about my art is the perspective that I added to show how the mountains are further back. Something that challenged me was the detail that I tried to paint.

Monday, June 6, 2016


I am proud of my area because I like challenging myself on hard questions . Instead of adding the sides together you only write 2 numbers and you x the numbers that you write. if you need help and you have a two digit number you spit the number and you x your other number with the tens and the one and then you add them together. My favourite strategy is splitting numbers.  

Areas in my dream classroom

Saturday, May 28, 2016

I am poem

I am…
Success Criteria
Use a thesaurus to choose the best vocabulary
Choose the best nouns for the poem
Choose the best adjectives to describe some nouns
Leave the reader thinking about your poem by sharing what it inside you

I am a gamer
I wonder if the world might all of a sudden fade away
I hear the night sky calling me
I see the terror in everyone life’s  
I want to be help full for the world
I am a gamer
I pretend to fight crime  
I feel the xbox in my hand with a leathery touch               
I touch the controller and play skylanders!
I worry the when the world ENDS!
I cry when I’m sad
I am a gamer
I understand that when your mean someone's mean to you
I say that everything is ok even when it’s not
I dream of nothing ( I don’t have dreams )
I try to help people survive when they're lost
I hope to make a difference

I am a gamer

I am proud of my I am poem because it had to have all thought in your head is you thinking you. It was hard thinking about me because every thing about me is the same, so I just followed the plan
and then that's when everything change and my friends move in and that's how I got most of my work.I learnt that sometimes it helps to talk to other people to help me think.